My name is Liz Fahey and I’m an artsy momma who lives in sunny Los Angeles. I LOVE monsters, aliens and all creatures wild and wooly! After a stint in the film industry working as a production designer and prop fabricator I switched gears and managed a set construction shop. While working at the shop, I learned the value of small business, got married to the love of my life and shortly after found out I was pregnant! What a whirlwind! I left the shop and film industry to be a full time momma. Along with being a mom, I’ve also always wanted to be a creature designer and fabricator. I love working in clay and making molds to cast latex and silicone creatures and masks but get skeeved out by the toxic chemicals involved in their creations. I especially get wary of fumes with my little dude, so it just seemed logical to start making critters out of something much safer- fabric!! I’ve always made weird one of a kind soft toys as a hobby and now am fortunate enough to blend my love of creature making with soft toy creating. Thanks to my wonderful family for supporting my passion and helping me to launch my small business Creature Pit! ♥️👹


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