Rocking Chair Pillow White/DarkGrey/Blue

Rocking Chair Pillow White/DarkGrey/Blue


This cozy pillow is designed to be placed over the top of a chair (or rocker) and provides support for your neck.  The little bear face rests right behind your neck to rest your weary head and offer some comfort for nursing mommas (and bottle feeding poppas too!).  It also works great on office chairs and spiffs up any stuffy work space in need of some creature comforts.


The body and head are made of a Laminated Faux Fur, and the face is Felt.  The pillow inside the head is made from a waterproof crib mattress cover and can be removed and wiped clean when needed.

Size: 25" x 17" 

Spot Clean Only

Please note this is a handmade item and some variations occur.  Each item is unique and made just for you!

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